Our Top Priority

Guest's Safety

  1. Our associates maintain proper food handling procedures while performing their duties.
  2. We follow strictly Covid-19 policies.
  3. Our associates are well trained in basic First Aid, he well known to use of first aid kits.
  4. Our associates are well known and trained to ensure the health and safety of both guests and employees.
  5. We strictly prohibited Smoking in our premises.


  1. Our Chef checks all kitchen equipment must be meticulously cleaned. Including kitchenware, microwave, kitchen surfaces, kitchen floors, and bins.
  2. The frequency of cleaning and sanitizing is increased in all public spaces that comes in direct contact with food shall be cleaned after every task with clean towels that have not been used anywhere else.
  3.  We ensure that our associate’s personal hygiene like wearing appropriate uniforms and protective clothing, regularly washing hands and implementing strict procedures around illnesses for all restaurant employee,
  4. We ensure that all food served to our guests is cooked appropriately at the correct temperatures and time. These measures help to prevent the growth and spread of potentially harmful bacteria.
  5. We ensure that proper sanitization of all tables when after guest leave the tables.
  6. We follow the Post Covid-19 guidelines wearing face masks are necessary and safely dumped into the separate bin.
  7. We prefer the maximum use of Digital Technologies (Digital Payment, Digital Menu etc.) to less get contact with guests.
  8. We follow the government instructions keeping social distancing between staff and guest due to Covid-19.
  9. Our associates provides constant communication, and proper Masks and sanitation procedures is followed and updated per the latest government expert’s guidelines.
  10. We check daily that all shared tools and equipment is sanitized before, during and after each shift or anytime the equipment is transferred to a new service professional. This includes phones, computers and other communication devices, payment terminals, kitchen implements, engineering tools, safety buttons, folios, cleaning equipment, keys and all other direct contact items used in a Restaurant.

Fire Safety

Our associates are well trained to identify fire hazards and ensure the all guests can escape safely.
we take fire safety very seriously and take some major actions are following;
  1. We have installed fire sprinkler system in our Restaurant.
  2. Our associates are trained regarding the evacuation methods and the use of fire safety equipment. 
  3. Our Chef taking care of Restaurant kitchen safety checklist daily.
  4. We have three Fire safety exits in our premises. 
  5. Our associates are given specially training for;
  • Identify the fire hazards.
  • Identify the people at risk.
  • Evaluate, remove or reduce the cause of fire.
  • An emergency plan to escape from building.


To ensure that our Guest feel safe while eating out, We take several
measures to make them feel comfortable and at ease post lockdown.

  1. Our Chef is well known about the Safety and Hygiene process.
  2. Our associates are well trained and maintain the Post Covid-19 guidelines while performing their duties at the Restaurant.
  3. Our associates always maintain safe distance of at least 2m(6 feet) while at the Restaurant.  
  4. We prefer digital technology (QR codes) to get less contact with guests.
  5. We check daily Temperature with a thermal gun thermometer for all staff
    members; every guest; any visitor including vendors.
  6. Our associates wear Hand gloves not to touch any equipment directly.
  7. We recommend to use ArogyaSetu App to all staff members.